Financial API Integrations

Free flow of financial and operations data

Financial API Integrations

Financial API integrations are an essential tool to increase efficiency of financial department work and provide transparency to the day-to-day business operations to the management.

Most commonly we work with Xero and QuickBooks accounting packages, AdWords and Facebook Ad APIs as sources of real-time user acquisition spending and Stripe as online payments platform. Each solution is custom however and can adapt to the vendors a particular business uses.


Automatically record cash revenue and receivables as they are generated by operations of the business.

Integrate invoices and payments across the systems and provide a self-service user portal for settling outstanding invoices, as well as automatic reminders.


Integrate suppliers' APIs to calculate third-party services' usage and update payable estimates in real-time.

Record day-to-day business operations and labour spending per project, as well as agents commissions.

Automatically process bank statements and agent reports to assign general ledger codes and analyse spendings in depth.

Automatic Billing and Invoicing

Automate creation of invoices for the services rendered and expenses incurred.

Custom GL

Run a consolidated GL using custom accounting rules to generate internal accounting reports on company groups, including companies residing in different jurisdictions.

User Portal

Learn more how implementing integration as a web application with user portal makes it easier to use and allows to attach custom workflows and business processes to integrations.

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