Business Automation and Workflow Applications

Building web application for business process automation

Web Applications

Self-service portals collect user input, which is then passed to back-office web databases with workflows and dashboards.

Web applications integrate with third-party data sources to establish free flow of information and eliminate errors.


Back-Office Portals

Back-office portals guide employees to follow the workflows and provide real-time KPI reporting for managers.

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Customer Portals

Portals for customers, employees and suppliers provide self-service capabilities reducing staff workload and enabling them to provide updates to internal systems that hadle operations without need to manually copy and paste the data.

Mass Processing

Web app automates processing of bulk of records, ensuring no data loss occurs, applying processing rules and connecting to third-party systems to import and export records.

Parallelised integrations reduce time it takes to exchange large batches of records from hours to minutes or seconds.

Integration Capabilities

Titov Digital Unified Integration Platform connects multiple datasources to a central database to automatically import and export as much data as possible.

Data Integrity

Titov Digital Data Integration Platform applies best practices to data processing to ensure the data integrity is preserved.