MVP Web Application Prototyping

Building an MVP for web application

MVP Goals

Clients contract Titov Digital to minimum viable product web applications to test business ideas and get feedback from the market.

While the primary goal of an MVP web application is to test business idea in the real world, Titov Digital always designs these applications in a futureproof way to allow for extensibility when the business grows and needs to evolve the application, making MVP an asset rather than a technical debt.

Case Study 1:
Marketing Analytics SaaS

Jess is marketing analytics software that gives businesses a clear picture of what marketing sources, campaigns, and keywords are generating leads and sales, automatically linking data across CRM, Facebook and Google Ads APIs.


Case Study 2:
Marketplace for Social Services

Step Search is a searchable database of support services that matches clients with right support services available to them.

Step-by-step search has been implemented to capture all relevant client details.

Versatile service information editor integrated custom UI with the powerful back-end.


Case Study 3:
Knowledge Marketplace

Knowledge Marketplace platform has been created to test a concept of introducing highly skilled professionals to consulting services consumers.

The platform offered Experts opportunity to share their skillsets and open up for introductions.

Application has been implemented in a mobile-first responsive design to facilitate easy of use across the devices.

Case Study 4:
SaaS Website Builder MVP

SaaS Website Builder MVP has been created to simplify creating websites that offer professional services.

The application guides process of completing information about personal skills and services in a way that enables users to market themselves in a best possible way.

Structured skills and services are then embedded into presentational website editor with in-place editing capabilities.


Case Study 5:
Pikhaya UK analytics service

Linked data from UK government open data database of British commercial properties (1M records), commercial properties' rental feed from Zoopla (including natural language processing based address matching) and GVA and labour government statistics to estimate added-value/margin and salary figures for each of the premises in database based on averages.

Geocoding was also implemented for searches, which was fairly complex due to part of the dataset using postcodes and another part NUTS areas.

→ Whythawk Pikhaya

Case Study 6:
Fraud Detection System

Device identification SaaS tool for online gaming market.

DupZapper joins best technologies together to detect and prevent online fraud. Targeting most common types of online fraud achieves unprecedented detection efficiency.