Web Applications for Growth

Achieve business outcomes and increase value with Titov Digital application services, be it lean MVP development or increasing efficiency of existing business by automating costly processes.

Creating web applications that process customer data

Web Applications

SaaS and marketplace MVP development services including architecture consulting and turnkey web application development services, as well as billing, marketing and payment integrations.

Digital Platforms

User portals automate sharing data with customers and suppliers, freeing employees' time.

Back-office portals make business operations transparent and frictionless by guiding employees through the workflow and automating reporting.

API integrations link systems to exchange data in real time. Marketing API integrations and financial API integrations are typical cases.

Artificial intelligence enriches and processes data automatically.

Jess Marketing Analytics Software

Marketing analytics software that gives businesses a clear picture of what marketing sources, campaigns, and keywords are generating leads and sales.

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Formsable Data Integration Service

Connect leads and offline conversions with Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Formsable is the ultimate funnel created by marketers and entrepreneurs who wanted a simple way to build proprietary funnels based on landing pages and web applications without having to program custom API integrations with Google and Facebook, configure complex integration services or resort to using landing page builders with limited flexibility.

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M.I.T. Bootcamps Admissions Process Automation

Processing thousands of applicants to organise Bootcamp classes.

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Zoopla-Sqwyre Data Integration

Matching 250,000 properties from leading UK real estate website with analytics platform.

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DupZapper Fraud Detection

Device identification and fraud case handling SaaS tool for online gaming market.

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Really enjoyed working with Pavel on the bootcamp admissions system. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities to work together down the road.

Chi-Chu Tschang
MIT Bootcamps Programme Manager

An excellent partner for our project building a Rails web app, and I would highly recommend him to others. Communication was very good throughout, and any miscommunications of features and technical issues were quickly resolved. The quality of code provided was also high, and it is clear that Pavel is very competent and is motivated to deliver quality code rather than just bash out the minimum possible working features with no thought for application performance or technical debt. He also had a flexible attitude and there were no disagreements or difficulties around project scope.

Step Search founder

Pavel is the best developer I have ever worked with. Great communication, patient, technical skills and goes the extra mile to make sure you have what you asked for.

He literally turned our business around. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

a start-up founder

Pavel Titov

Head of Titov Digital

Technical Expertise

  • Web engineering and architecture — Ruby on Rails, Java/Spring, React and Angular
  • Computational tasks and big data processing — Pandas, Numpy
  • Asynchronous backend, messaging and parallelisation — native threads in Ruby and Java, ActiveMQ/RabbitMQ, Sidekiq.
  • Continious Integration and Release Automation — Docker, Vagrant, Salt Stack and Jenkins.
  • Agile and SCRUM software project management in in-office, remote and hybrid environments — JIRA / Slack / GitHub / Trello
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    Architected and launched several web application MVPs as a head of Titov Digital.

    Co-founded and launched DupZapper customer analytics and fraud detection service for online gaming market taking only three months from the conception to first paying customer. The product became a finalist at the EiG 2015 StartUp Launchpad competition, placing it amongst five top european start-ups in the sector.

    Managed software development at OffsideGaming (London, UK) between 2011 and 2016, responsible for developing B2B SaaS platform and creating several products for online gaming that led to direct revenue increases (up to 30% each).

    In 2003, founded and managed BHOST.RU web hosting company (Moscow, Russia). Under Pavel Titov leadership, the company has entered top 50 of Russian web hosting providers and been sold in 2010.

    Pavel became a runner-up in the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in 2014 and has been awarded Certificate of recognition of entrepreneurship and achievement.

    Completed MSc Management with merit in the University of Southampton, 2010. The dissertation topic was Informed Responding to Competitive Threats: a CRM Database Driven Decision Support Framework. BEng Informatics and Computer Science, Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, 2006.